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려욱 ★ Bursting With Vitamin C

crazy & beautiful

A Kim Ryeowook Fan Community
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\kim ryeo wook\
1. the epitome of the word "adorable."
synonyms: see cute.
2. the definition of the term "vocally talented."
synonyms: see ryeowook kim or 려욱김.
3. the eternal magnae.
synonyms: see eternalmagnae.

Welcome! This community is dedicated to the one and only Ryeowook♥ from the korean group Super Junior!

Name: Kim Ryeowook (김려욱)
Stage Name: Ryeowook (려욱)
Chinese Name: Li Xu (丽旭)
Birthday: June 21, 1987
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood Type: O
Currently Attending: Inha University
Hobbies: singing, composing
Random Fact: said to be the second craziest member of Super Junior (only after Kangin)

1. Only join if you are a fan of Kim Ryeowook (this one's a duh.)
2. Keep things in this comm Ryeowook related.
3. Picture spamming and posting icons, gifs, or links is allowed (and would be much appreciated) but keep it and other large things under an lj-cut please.
4. Posting fanfiction that is related to Ryeowook is allowed.
5. Keep any downloads (media, video, music, etc.) under a friends lock so only people in the community can have access.
6. You can post anything fan- related to Ryeowook.
7. Always credit your sources.
8. Don't bash or insult anyone, including other music artists or anyone in the community. Got a problem? Take it outside please.
9. Feel free to introduce yourself, but keep it related to Ryeo? Please don't post your autobiography and leave, we'd rather get to know you through talking
10. Please, please please please try and keep the "txt tlk" down to a minimum, for those of us who would like to keep our sanity. =.="
11. This isn't a rule (^^;;) but if you are interested in doing any touching up of the community (i.e. banners, profile, layout) then contact ryeowookie, kay?

super_leader - Super Junior's special leader, the angel without wings, Teukieteukie Eeteuk!
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ryeo_min - Pretty Boy Love

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